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About Agatha

Hi, I'm Agatha

A passionate, intuitive creator, living on Darug Country (Sydney).

My work is all about creating spaces that will allow you to listen to your own inner voice, to discover the most spirited version of yourself.

My goal is to offer moments of reverence with yourself, whether that be through rituals, 1:1 sessions or in a community setting. 

The modalities which currently make up my offerings are – Tarot, Reiki, Timeline Jumping, Yoga & Breath.

As well as creating and offering handmade rituals, to inspire personal practice. These include Reiki infused Teas , Eye Pillows & Essential Oils. 

My work is catered to each individual, I bring my trauma-informed learnings to the work I offer- making it considered yet powerful to shift your state and vibration. 

I try to create offerings that allow inclusivity – with tiered pricing, pay what you can & supported spots to all my offerings. It’s important to me that anyone who desires to explore these practices has access to them.

Outside of Sanas, I’m passionate about travelling, languages, collecting Tarot decks, design, writing, good food and sharing it with family and friends, my dog, and being out in nature. I’m currently exploring the possibility of creating a watercolour oracle & writing my first book of poetry & prose. 

My Training


 My training is varied and inspired by where my intuitive pulls have led me. 

* Reiki Master

*Beginners & Intermediate Certified with Herbal Academy 

*460 HRS Yoga Alliance Certified –  Hatha, Vinyasa,  Yin Yoga & Trauma Informed 

(My Teachers include: Tahl Rinsky, Bess Prescott, Rose Baudin, Judith Hanson Lasater, Tracee Stanley, 

Rod Stryker, Mei Lai Swan, Em Cruickshank, Jo Buick, Elena Brower)

*Tarot For The Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack & Group Tarot Mentoring with Nicole Mayesfke

*Timeline Jumping with Pea The Feary



Let's work together

There are various ways to work with me. 

1:1  | Community 

Get In Touch

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