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Private Dreamer Rituals

Thank you for Pre Ordering your Dreamer Reiki Ritual Kit. The Guided Dreamer Meditation + Private Dreamer Playlist will appear here on the 9th November, the same day your order will ship. 

Thank you for ordering the Reiki Ritual Kit РDreamer. 

Below you will find two additions to your kits which I hope will allow you to settle deeply into rest. 

Sweet Dreams 

Agatha x 

Dreamer Tea:

A small note on your Dreamer tea. Start with a small amount (1 tsp) with about 2 cups of water, and work your way up. The blend can be quite earthy and potent, so learn and see what works for your body.  

Dreamer Reiki Meditation:

The below is a Yoga Nidra meditation – Allow around 25 mins for this meditation and create a space where you won’t be disturbed.¬† You will need your eye pillow, oil,¬†plus a blanket to cover yourself with. You might want to sip on a cup of Dreamer tea before or after this practice to further settle the nervous system and rest deeply ( I love letting the tea brew during my meditation)¬†

Dreamer Playlist:

You can play me during the above meditation. Or simply play these sounds as you rub the oil on your feet, drink your tea, or lie with your eye pillow over your eyes. Find a way to incorporate these sounds in a way that feels right for you.