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New Moon Report - June 2021

Art by: Ipolitto Caffi 1800- The Eclipse of the Sun in Venice July 6,1842

This month if you are in AEST the New Moon graces us on Thurs, 10th at 8:52pm. This New Moon is also a solar eclipse and finds itself in Gemini. 

The New Moon is a time to set intentions, to embark on new endeavours and to find space for ritual. 

Being paired with a solar eclipse makes it all the more grandiose and ripe for manifesting and offering yourself a clean slate.  

I hope the below serves to bring clarity and guide you through the lunar cycle ahead. Find your Sun Sign or Rising Sign below, for some guidance. 

 The Luminous Void Tarot was used to pull these collective readings, all words below are channeled and completely original to me and my interpretation of the card in this moment.

Agatha x

Gemini – The Tower 

This moon asks you to look at your foundations, have you felt things are crumbling around you? Have you felt like your balance is off? Have you had the sensation that the boat could capsize at any moment. You are probably right in feeling this, inspect this feeling closely and ask yourself how can I start to lay down the foundations that my soul is calling out for. How can I be present in this life I have been granted. Your breath will guide you, make time for silence to truly listen to the threads of your intuitive pulls. Now is not a time to be acting out of fear, act from a grounded centred place of restful awareness. 

Libra – Four Of Cups 

There is something being offered to you in this cycle, ask yourself if the invitation is clear or if it still feels like a mirage in the distance, a possibility that doesn’t quite fit into your life at present. It’s ok to acknowledge the maybeness of this desire, the unsureness. The four of cups asks us to look at the cups we already have in front of us, the cups that are full of life, juice and accomplishments, perhaps adding another task isn’t in your deepest desire right now and you need to know it’s ok. Simply acknowledging this is what helps you make a decision. If you choose no, don’t be afraid that other opportunities won’t present themselves down the track the universe will continue to dance with you if you follow your own rhythm. 

Aquarius – Four of Swords 

Your body is calling for deep rest, the kind of rest that feels nourishing, rejuvenating, that feels like your eyes can open a little wider, that your face is a little softer. The invitation this new moon is to find ways into ease, to move away from the discomfort and anxieties that have been bubbling to the surface of late. Can you book yourself away for a few days? Can you take a nap in the middle of the day? Can you remove one commitment from the calendar every week? Is it taking 30 mins everyday to drink a coffee and people watch? What feels like a true pleasure, what feels like a sweet salve to your spirit. Sit with yourself and start to think about what rest looks like for you in the next few weeks and make this sweet commitment to yourself in the way that feels right to you. 

Leo – Ace of Swords 

There is dignity in change. You are being guided towards this change in this cycle, you are being lead into a new way of being. Let yourself be lead, let yourself feel the waves and movement of this change in your body. Create space to feel into the narrative your mind is defining you with, is there a way to step back a little and just be pulled in the direction of where the wind takes you, rather than the constraints your mind and concreted beliefs have set for you. It’s time to question things deeply, to say to yourself, do I actually want this? Or is it simply the path I’ve been on for so long that I don’t know any better. Know that you will land where you need to be. Trust in the contemplation of your soul. 

Pisces – King of Discs (reversed) 

There are many fruits in your garden, it is overgrown it is in full abundance, and yet there seems to be a feeling of stuckness, of stagnancy of things being set into stone. Can you embrace the abundance that is already at your feet? Can you start to caress the life you have with a deep hearted yes! You are being asked to cradle your heart this month, to show up for yourself in your garden. To beautify the space you are in, because It feels good to be alive. Beauty is your birthright, use all your senses to drink it all up – you are allowed. 

Capricorn – Death 

Something comes to an end in this cycle for you Capricorn. There is a deep shedding of the skin, there is a liberation of sorts from one way of being and with that comes a rebirth for you, a sweet moment to honour the new you that is showing up in your life. Ask yourself, who do I want to be now that this piece of me is no longer with me? Where can I be renewed? Where can I show up differently? This is a beautiful time to redefine yourself, to honour that the cycle is infinite, that your life is an infinite welcoming of change. 

Sagittarius – Two of Discs 

There are pieces of yourself you are juggling, you are welcoming deep change in yourself, you are welcoming a movement, a sea change in this cycle. You are navigating new shores and you hover above them in a careful balance of old and new. You are being asked to step fully into the waters of yourself, to dig deep into what you are creating with your life. You are so capable of honouring yourself, you are infinitely flowing. You are guided every step of the way and you are following the pulls one thread at a time, continue and the tapestry will create itself over time. You are being called to step up to the change that exists within you. 

Cancer – The Fool 

Time to leap into the unknown, to know that the universe will catch you. To evolve into a new era, to course correct and explore the pieces of yourself that have been left to one side up until now. You are allowed to metaphorically (or not!) pack your bags and enter a new journey, a new hobby, a new way of thinking. There is an energy within you this month that pushes you along straight onto the path and direction of change, you are courageously spirited. 

Scorpio – Four of Discs 

Your body needs to be held Scorpio, whether you yourself hold it in time and space, or you are held by another – you need to feel the support around you. You need to feel like you aren’t burdening those who enter your world. You can protect yourself from these feelings, but ultimately they show up loud and clear for you in this cycle. You can be soft, you can be tender, you can be hurting, you can be invigorated – your body is allowed to experience it all. Believe that you are enough, that you can be all the things you desire, that you are allowed to take up space, that you are needed. 

Aries – 10 of wands (reversed)

Where do you need to release something? Where can you take indulgent care of yourself? Where is it time to let go of something before it completely consumes you? The 10 of wands comes when something is weighing heavy over you, something is adding too much weight  to your metaphorical backpack of life. Can you release the weight, can you unpack the bag and rearrange things so that the journey feels lighter. Perhaps its just saying no to more things, or saying yes to things that feel really nourishing. Where are your boundaries needing to be your support rather than your barrier. 

Virgo – The Emperor (reversed) 

Ask yourself if you are taking up enough space for yourself. If you are being heard, if you are being seen for all your majesty. The Emperor asks of us to take up space, in a way that feels authentic to you, to take up space not in an ego filled “look at me” kind of way, but rather in a “I’m seated firmly in the wisdom of myself” way. How can you start tapping into this wisdom that is uniquely yours, how can you believe that you are worthy of guiding, leading and having an opinion because you are infinitely capable. Your fire is needed in this world and this new moon cycle asks you to burn brightly, to not sit on the sidelines, but to share parts of yourself that have felt a little bit scary, your wisdom is guiding, all enveloping and needs to be experienced by all. 

Taurus – Six of Cups 

You are being asked to look deeply into the heart of yourself, to look at your familial ties, to look at the flesh and bones that make up who you are. The lineage that streams through you is deep it is all encompassing and it makes you the only person capable of embracing it. Can you embrace yourself? Can you embrace your inner child? Can you embrace your ancestors? You are the divine keeper of the truths and the endless embers of their fires, of your fire, of the endless fire and circle of life. Give yourself a moment each day this lunar cycle to tap into remembering, to notice the lingering feelings of memories, experiences in your body and tap into the energy of affection, softness and possibility that lives within.