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New Moon Report - August 2021

Art by: Briton Rivieren ‘Una and the Lion’

This month if you are in AEST the New Moon graces us on Sun August 8th, 9.50am in Leo. 

This new moon lands in the Leo – I am turning to the Strength card for guidance. 

A card that declares, that you can be courageous and fiercely loyal to yourself. 

That you don’t always have to roar, but rather you can seek comfort from the pack, turn to your loyal companions tell them how you’re feeling. That your triumphs can lie deep within the heart

The New Moon is a time to start fresh, provide yourself the gift of creating space for newness, basque in the sun, connect to your inner fire by breathing deeply into the belly and sighing out loudly. 

Release, renew, reset. 

Questions you might ask yourself during this time are: 

How can I be loyal to my desires? 

Explore the strength that exist in the moments of quiet and rest, rather than outwardly roaring / doing? 

How can I make more space to reset and find strength? 

Where am I being asked to embrace things with a courageous heart? 

A playlist I created for the season – as you reflect or pull your tarot cards. 

I was also called to pull an oracle card this month from the Inner Compass deck – as some final wisdom as a collective. I pulled The Magnet

“ Everything you give attention to will grow, your intentions, too. Imagine whatever you want to create is already created. Visualise it, believe in it. Give it strength by being grateful for what you wish. The final step is letting it go. To let go is to attract ” 

If you’d like further guidance for this cycle, Find your Sun Sign or Rising Sign below.

I hope the below serves to bring clarity and guide you through the lunar cycle ahead.

The Smith Rider Waite deck was used to pull these collective readings, all words below are channeled and completely original to me and my interpretation of the card in this moment.



Leo – 9 Pentacles (Reversed)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beautiful Leo, this is your cycle to look at all you have around you and see the glimmer, see the gifts that flourish daily in your life. You are gifted, you are being gifted this precious life, live it with a beautiful embrace. Right now, you aren’t looking beyond and seeing the things that are growing in your garden, what seeds have you planted that are sprouting from the earth. This is your time to look at the beauty, maybe you dress yourself in beautiful things, use the fancy dinner plates, light the candle that’s just for show, or go out and look at the flowers blossoming, the leaves of the tree verdant and lush. This beauty all lives within you, open your eyes, and open your heart to it all. 

Virgo – Knight of Cups

Virgo move gently. You are seeking a change, this much is true. Yet the Knight of Cups whispers that ‘piano piano si arriva lontano’ – slowly, slowly you arrive. There is no need to move at 1,000 miles a minute, there is no need to accelerate the situations you find yourself in. If anything, can you slow them down? Wind things down to a gentle hum. Imagine you are holding your cup full of water on a horse, and try not to spill anything – you move slowly in order to achieve this. Ask yourself how you can avoid your cup from spilling in this cycle? How can you ensure that your cup stays full? What can you do to ensure that the slowness feels nourishing rather than aggravating? Make a list of things that help you slow down, maybe you breathe deeply, maybe you book in for a yin class, walk with your fave podcast, learn a new recipe. Whatever it is let it be an anchor for you in this lunar cycle. Remember ‘piano piano si arriva lontanto’ – slowly, slowly you arrive. 

Libra – 8 Pentacles 

Libra this cycle is all about mastery, you continue to chisel away at what you are working on. Perhaps nobody sees your efforts, perhaps it is all just admin, creative, grinding work that feels a bit seperate from what everyone else is doing. But continue to learn your craft, to learn new ways of achieving the same thing. For it is here that your mastery appears. The pentacles (your craft) over time, becomes more intricate, shinier, more embellished and it is then that the recognition seeps through. Continue to perfect what you are doing and the rewards will come through without you having to push. Your focus should be on the work itself, and the rest will come. Honour that this is the work of your heart, this is your passion, this is what you have been brought here to do. Get clear on your gifts, get clear on your abilities – you are so capable. 

Scorpio – 9 of Wands 

You have not been listening to your body, and when to stop and retreat for rest, reprieve and relaxation. Your body is feeling weary, unsettled overworked. Come back Scorpio to rest, if only for a moment. Take a moment to find yourself in space, to breathe, to drink a big glass of water. Can you delegate things? Can you wind things back in any part of your life? Can you add in some more time to find ease? This lunar cycle is asking you to look at where you can take a step back and rest, to take comfort in the pause. Know that you are allowed to do nothing, and you can still be something. Know that you are enough, when you find yourself in silence, in happiness, in comfort, in relaxation, in joy. You are worthy of it all. 

Sagittarius – The Hermit (Reversed) 

It’s been an unsettling time for the mind, you have been looking outwards too much, you have been stimulating yourself, distracting yourself, not turning inward enough when it’s been whispering to you. The Hermit is asking you to shine a light on the here and now. To take out your lantern and walk your path with only the knowledge of the 2-3 steps ahead of you. You don’t need a magnificent 5 year plan, you just need a today plan. If making plans is a crucial part of who you are – sit with yourself and achieve a daily intention, remind yourself of how you want to feel in this moment, rather than in weeks or months time. Because the now is all you have to play with, and the now is calling your name. Shine the light deep into your heart and let it help you live your life in the now. 

Capricorn – 6 of Pentacles (Reversed)

This lunar cycle is asking you to notice where you are giving too much of yourself away. It is a beautiful thing to be in service of others, but ask yourself if within that service, you loose yourself. How can you give fully to others, if you are not watering and nourishing the essence of yourself? This lunar cycle asks you to be conscious of your offerings to others, it’s ok to say no, to carve out time for yourself, to sit in silence if that’s what is calling. Make sure you can be in service to yourself, put your oxygen on first, in order to breathe life into others. Know that you are worth the care that others receive from you, that you are capable of also receiving support if you require it. You have given a lot, and if someone offers to help in this cycle, where you might commonly just do it yourself – maybe accept the assistance, let yourself be held for a moment by others as well. Ask yourself does this feel reciprocal – if not how can you move towards that? 

 Aquarius – The Hierophant  

The Hierophant, coincidently the card of 2021. An almighty teacher, asking us to navigate and look at how our perceptions of the world are just that – perceptions. How have we anchored ourselves into certain ideas, ways of being because it is all we know. How can we look at grasping new concepts, changing our ways of being because the thoughts we have about something are no longer serving us. When you look for new ideas, perhaps you turn to new teachers, perhaps you find the knowledge living deep within you. This is a card about seeking new ways of being, of finding the strength to change. The Hierophant is here to guide and support you through those moments that feel a little icky, when your world view is being challenged. She tells you its ok to take on new ideas, to throw out ideas you’ve held as truths and to wipe the slate clean. In this cycle maybe you start a new job, you start studying something new – something that expands your world view and perhaps even shifts it. 


Pisces – The Chariot

The Chariot is here to ride with you through this life. But when it shows up, it tells you that perhaps its time to look at changing things. How has the metaphorical vehicle you’ve been riding your life on up until this point stopped working – are you just continuing to do things because it’s all you know. You can step out and look for another way to travel through life. Take a chance on yourself, let your new vehicle allow you to ride further into the village of your desires. I always say, could you be riding in a car (chariot) that has electric windows, but all you know is the physical winding up and down? Travel towards the things you don’t even know exist – this might mean taking a risk, or chance on yourself, thinking about things that don’t feel quite right, is there a better, easier more fruitful way to achieve the same thing? Start thinking outside of your current confines, outside of your current chariot. 

Aries – 8 of cups 

Moving away from things, walking new paths. It is time to start walking towards that new path. Leave your empty cups behind, and seek cups that are abundant and filled with nourishment. You have drunk all that you can out of these ones, and you are now being asked to trek fowards, you are being asked to pull in your inner Magician – and work with all the elements, to start gathering new resources, new tools, new ways of being for your journey ahead. In this Leo New Moon you might lean on the Strength card, to shift you through the changes, to shift through the fears of walking away from something – dig into your inner courage, your inner strength. Let the embers of you heart be your guide for the journey ahead. It’s all waiting for you on the other side. 

Taurus – The Hanged Man (Reversed) 

Taurus there has been a real sense of things being in the air for you – you are neither here, nor there. You are seeing things from a perspective that you think is right but you’re actually in reverse. You have felt this sense of suspense, a holding in of air, a shallow breath. Look at what is causing this, have you got too much on your plate, are external factors playing a part? What needs to be released, changed or flipped on its head in order for you to feel like you can breathe freely again, in order for you to feel like you can bring sweet joy back into your life. Life is all about perspective and perhaps in this moment, all you can do is shift your own perspective rather than external factors. Start from where you can and slowly feel the suspension fall to the way side. 

Gemini – 6 of Wands  

Time to puff your chest, and feel a sense of sublime awe for yourself. You are worthy of showering yourself with praise. Perhaps you have been working hard for something and it has come through, or perhaps you are slowly getting to know parts of yourself that you are falling deeply in love with. Whatever it is I ask you to parade yourself with your head high, you are worthy, you are coming out of a period that has felt tough, enduring and like a real challenge at times. You are coming out stronger, more capable, with more belief in your self. If you are being showered with praise, take it all in – you are worth it, don’t shy away from it. If you have achieved something in a quiet way, treat yourself to a luxury – whatever that looks like for you. Connect to your worth, and know that you are almighty and powerful – you are the lion – strength and courage, soft and sweet. 

Cancer – 9 of cups (Reversed) 

 Time to release your grip. Everything is as it should be, there is nothing here that will harm you. You have a decision to make and there is a lot of possibility ahead for you, there is no need to hold your cards so close to your chest. Talk things through with your nearest and dearest, involve people in your decisions. Ask yourself what is making me feel so unsure of a letting others in and explore this in this cycle. Open your heart up a little, you can stay grounded and continue being yourself if you do open up, nothing will be lost. Whatever decisions you make in this time, try and lead with your heart, intuition and things that feel like they are calling you rather than over thinking, over analysing the small things. You are capable of moving in a natural, free way if you let yourself.