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New Moon Report - July 2021

Art by: Johfra Bosschart

This month if you are in AEST the New Moon graces us on Sat 10th, July. at 11:16am. 

This New Moon sits in Cancer. You might be guided solely this cycle by the Chariot Card, that is ruled by cancer.

The New Moon is a time to set intentions, to embark on new endeavours and to find space for ritual. 

The Chariot card asks you to look at the way you carry yourself through the world and begins to bring into focus the path ahead, which might mean a new chariot altogether, or turning left on your walk rather than right, can you start to explore new ways of moving through this world.  

Questions you might ask yourself: 
*What is holding me back? 
*How can I move through this world with more ease, with more conviction? 
*What path am I seeking for myself? 
*Is there a new way of looking at things, in order to move more graciously and to expand into newness? 
You might journal on the above or pull your own Tarot cards with these questions, to support you through this Cancer New Moon. 
You might even pull the Chariot card from your deck, as you journal through these prompts, or gaze at it for added support, guidance and ritual. 

If you’d like further guidance for this cycle, Find your Sun Sign or Rising Sign below. I hope the below serves to bring clarity and guide you through the lunar cycle ahead. 

 The Smith Rider Waite deck was used to pull these collective readings, all words below are channeled and completely original to me and my interpretation of the card in this moment.

Agatha  xx

Cancer – The Devil 

The mind is at the forefront of all your expression at present. You are finding yourself bogged down in old cycles of the mind, the repetitive stories that keep you small. You are being asked to start to navigate the words you whisper to yourself with more tenderness. Can you come back to your body everyday by breathing into the belly, by walking and feeling one foot hit the pavement as the other follows. Can you do things with more intention in this cycle, one thing at a time, the multi-tasking is no longer serving your system and you are allowed to release, to rewire, to recalibrate into a new story of support, of spaciousness and of care for yourself. 

Leo – 4 of Swords (Reversed)

Leo this cycle you find yourself moving in a state of un-ease, you are constantly having to recentre yourself through transitions. There are challenges, there are changes which you encounter this month that throw you off your current rhythm. The 4 of Swords is asking you to lay your body in softness as often as possible this month, to walk gently, to seek support from the earth, from pillows, from a cup of tea, from a dessert. Whatever feels like it brings your system back into a state of ease, you are being asked to offer yourself a lot more of this, this month as you navigate through times that might feel quite the opposite. 

Virgo – The Fool

Graciously springing yourself forward into new paddocks, new ventures, new learnings. The Fool is showing you that you are deeply capable this cycle, of jumping towards your deepest desires. Trust in yourself. Trust that you can fly, even when your wings feel broken. You are worthy of this new chapter, this change, this courageous endeavour. Perhaps you are not changing things monumentally, but it might be the start of something that turns into a larger piece down the road. Perhaps it’s saying yes to yourself for the first time in a while and no to someone else, setting boundaries. Creating new possibilities for yourself doesn’t have to look like a huge ceremony it can be as small or as large as you need it to be, whatever it is trust deeply that it will be for the best. 

Libra – The World (Reversed)

Here you find yourself Libra, at the edge of releasing and renewing. You feel ready to part with something, and yet you also feel the fear of detaching yourself from the thing, person or thought that is no longer serving you. You find yourself looping between, yes and no this cycle. What feels like an infinite back and forth. The World shows you that you are ready to break the ties, despite the comfort it may bring you, despite the joy it has sprung, despite the routine you feel attached to. It’s time to part with the world that you have come to know, and start creating a new one for yourself. The last card of the Major Arcana, also means you enter into newness with the Fool waiting on the other side. An energy of activation of possibility of fearlessness.

Scorpio – 10 of Swords  

The answer is no. You are being asked to stop pushing, to stop picking at the situation. There is nothing left to do but to release. Lean deeply on the Chariot card (Card ruled by Cancer) to show you the way forward, to show you how you can forge a new path when you can’t seem to ungrasp yourself from the possibility of what was. It’s time to purge, breathe out, graciously embrace the unknown and embark on a new endeavour, make a new plan, reinvent yourself. Take as much time as you need to grieve the situation, to fully come to terms and then pick yourself up slowly and gently and know that whatever comes next is the most fruitful and necessary shift for you. 

Sagittarius – Knight Of Pentacles (Reversed) 

Things have felt quite stagnant of late, almost as if you are living in a morning and evening showing of Groundhog day. Maybe the worlds situation limits you from going out and experiencing new adventure, but this card asks you to find the adventure within. To be absolutely in awe of yourself, being able to do what you do everyday –  maybe you are doing really well at your job, maybe you have mastered a recipe to perfection, maybe you are allowing yourself the rest your body needs, maybe you’ve hit a new PB. Whatever your routine at the moment, notice where you are slowly bringing the energy of mastery to a task. Because even in the small, everyday things there is movement towards a greater grasp and understanding of who you are and what you are capable of. 

Capricorn – 6 of cups

Capricorn you are surprised this cycle by a sweet offering an offering that invokes a sweet nostalgia, connection and spirit within you. You are capable of seeing for the first time, that you can reach out and grab what you want without it feeling like an arrogant display, you play into the heart of things, you play into the tenderness of the situation and you realise that you’re in deep need of this change. This might look like a new relationship romantic or of the friendship kind, it might look like taking on a hobby you’ve always thought was cool, it might look like buying yourself a piece of art you’ve always desired. This is the card of seeing what your child like curiosity desires and starting to explore this more and more through this New Moon. 

Aquarius – Page of Pentacles 

The Page of Pentacles begins again, but this time they begin by asking themselves “what do I deeply desire now?”. They realise they aren’t always going to get things right, but they want it to feel authentic, to feel like it comes from a place of understanding. They start to gather the courage to explore a new path, to try things in a new way, to add a beginners mindset to the experience they are in. It might not necessarily feel easy to bring newness to something that has become stagnant, but The Page of Pentacles says sit with it, and it will evolve, come back to it everyday with patience, with an understanding that it won’t be perfect, with hands that are ready to work through the kinks and soon enough what felt like a heavy, steep mountain, will be a summit with a view over your possibility. 


Pisces – 9 of Cups (Reversed) 

An emptying of your choices, you feel there’s a needing to stay still, to stand your ground, to protect and wait it out. And yet you are protecting cups that are empty. Is there something else you can do? Is there an opportunity waiting for you? Have you been too focused on standing guard on the old situation? Start moving a little more freely, come out of rigidity and offer yourself space, uncross your arms and open yourself up to the new possibilities. Possibilities that you may not even know about, but that haven’t flowed in because of the fixation on something else. Ease into your capacity to call in more.  You can be grounded and porous at the sane time. 

Aries – 6 of Wands

Time to celebrate, time to ride into a fun expression of yourself. Time to graduate into a new time, to say yes to yourself, to know that you have fought the battle like a good soldier and now you can be in awe of your strength, bravery, courage and resilience. It’s time to shower yourself in deep ceremony, ritual and extravagance. Make a pact with yourself that you are allowed to elevate yourself, to be proud of your accomplishments to look back at the hard work and say “Wow, I did this! I accomplished this. I took each step towards this moment.” It’s not that you don’t continue to work hard, but you give yourself more time to observe your triumphs. 

Taurus – 4 of Wands (Reversed) 

The structures which you had hung your heart on seem to be at question this cycle. There has not been the celebration you had hoped for in your relationships and the world feels like it has flipped itself upside down. You feel a sense of grief, a sense of loss, the expectation of what could have been dispels you. I ask you Taurus to lean on the Chariot this month ( card ruled by Cancer) to enquire within, on what new ways you might move forward in this relationship, partnership that you haven’t thought of. It’s not to say to throw it all away, but to look at it in a new way, that may lead to more expansion, more satisfaction and a more joyous zeal. 

Gemini – Temperance 

Gemini, you feel yourself focused on the balance of your life this cycle. How can you watch the sun come up, work for what you desire and still offer yourself whole heartedly to those you love. You are creating this lustrous dance with the universe where you flow from one possible option to another, you find yourself with the energy of progress at your feet and you look at each option with an inquisitive mind, with a desire to know if this truly serves you. Your priorities are at the heart of your actions this New Moon, can you carry yourself through with balance, equilibrium and choices that make you feel bathed in light.