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New Moon Report - September 2021

Art by: Wallaso

This month if you are in AEST the New Moon graces us on  Tues 7th, 12:51am

This new moon lands in Virgo – The corresponding card in the Tarot is the Hermit card. 

A card that is all about finding the here and now. Bowing your head, to the present. 

A card that says, can you focus your mind, your heart, your intention solely on this moment. 

The New Moon is a time to start fresh. Don’t focus your attention to far ahead this cycle, but allow yourself to start fresh in every moment this cycle. 

Take a deep breath, clench your fists, release, drop the shoulders, take a step forward, notice that each inhale & exhale is a cycle that each moment we are here is an opportunity to begin again. 

If you’d like further guidance for this cycle, Find your Sun Sign or Rising Sign below.

I hope the below serves to bring clarity and guide you through the lunar cycle ahead.

The Smith Rider Waite deck was used to pull these collective readings, all words below are channeled and completely original to me and my interpretation of the card in this moment. 



Virgo – 7 Pentacles (Reversed)

You have been giving a lot of your energy of late, and you are being asked to stop, to watch things move more slowly in your life. Can you watch as the things you have been giving out come back to you, the seeds you have planted in your life need to be fertilised in order for them to come and unfurl over the next lunar cycle, let your desires move slowly from up the earth. There is no way to control what happens next, take a step back, look at your life in all of its magic. If stepping back feels hard, ask yourself if you are comiting to too much, and how some things can fall off your plate, reassess, delegate – give your life space to breathe. 

Libra – The Sun (Reversed)

The Sun comes up, and yet it is reversed. Where aren’t you allowing yourself to shine this lunar cycle Libra, where aren’t you letting your childlike desires, your natural insticts to be heard and seen. Can you slowly reveal them this season, knowing that the sun can sometimes have burning qualities, move softly, move slowly, let the sun heat you, but not burn you. Allow yourself to be free of the things that once tied you down and that have been tying you down. It is now to be in full expression, in full radiance, in celebration of all that is you. Find the sun in your life, whether that be a patch on your walk, the shadows it creates in your home, the way it sets. Let yourself embrace the qualities of this heating gem in the sky. 

Scorpio – 8 Swords (Reversed) 

Things are tied up in your mind, in your life. You feel a sense of enclosure, a sense of looking back at the good times and not seeing that the good times are now. That life is giving you the gift everyday to live it, to breathe it to move in it, if you allow yourself. The 8 of Swords is filled with possibilities if you let yourself walk forward. You might feel you are tied to one spot, that you can’t see the solution but in actuality it is your mind and the stories that repeat over and over that keep you here. Notice what small steps you can start taking towards your own kingdom of happiness, to the kingdom that is here. Find the gratitude for the smallest of things, tiny miracles that occur on the daily for you. Begin to seek them out, listen to them and you will notice a release a freedom in your life, in your breath, in your mind. 

Sagittarius – 7 of Cups (Reversed)

There’s a feeling of emptying out a shedding of your snake skin. A new option awaits you Saggitarius this lunar cycle, a new approach, a new perspective enters your body. You almost dissolve the nostalgic parts of yourself, and realise for the first time the certainty of your choices, of your path. As you evolve into this new phase, know that there is room for release, there is room for all that you are becoming and all that you already are. Do not be afraid to enter new challenges, new paths, new projections, it is your time now to ride the wave of inspiration and offer your gifts out. 

Capricorn – Page of Cups 

You bring a beginners mind to something, you allow yourself to see the heart of your desires and say to yourself I am going to take the chance and learn this new skill, express myself in a new way, offer a new part of myself out into the world. You are safe in this expression, it feels different to be on this side, to attempt something for the first time, but you are know there is no other option but to be true to yourself. You are seeking yourself authentically and you find yourself wadding the pool of life in a new and buoyant outlook, it comes from the heart. For those who don’t mesh, gel or like it – they stay behind, but you move forward and you are proud. 

Aquarius – 3 of Wands

On the precipice of something great, something that gives you the impulse to new paths. But you stand here in your truth and set your foundations right, you need to have your feet firmly planted on the earth for the journey ahead. Its time to get your finances right, its time to fix up your website, its time to clear out your space, its time to do all those things that are niggling at you, which feel like foundations towards your new life. Make a list of those tasks that you are needing to tick off to make you feel grounded, to make the slate feel clean, and slowly make your way through them this lunar cycle. It will serve you on your journey for the end of the year. Head up high, there is much ahead of you. Get the foundations right this cycle to feel secure, safe and like you can conquer anything. 

 Pisces – 3 Pentacles (Reversed)   

There has been an evolution of your thoughts and mind recently, things have been fluctuating back and forth. The 3 of pentacles asks you to look at the foundations of your life, to look at the support systems of your life, to look at your collaborations and makes you question, analyse and encourages you to observe their value. How are you not allowing the support? How is the support not coming through in the way you would have liked? How are some relationships outdated, feeling stale or stagnant? These are questions to ask yourself this cycle as you move through your work, life and friendships. Be conscious of the foundations these pieces are adding to your life, do they feel cemented? Do they feel fragile? Honour your gut feelings around partnerships and collaborations, and move through them with your intuitive natures this cycle Pisces. 

Aries – The Tower (Reversed)

Things have been changing for you Aries, the structures you once thought were your ultimate are no longer standing. Not every tower has to be a full crumbling of your life, but the very existence and beliefs you once held are being thrown down in order for you to rebuild them. As the Tower is reversed we know that the falling, the lightning has already struck. The thing that makes us change has happened, and now what remains is the rebuilding. Now is the time to ask yourself, what do I want this next Tower to look like? Is rebuilding the same tower really what i want? Perhaps its not even a tower, perhaps its a boat, a bridge a completely new structure. This lunar cycle you are moving towards asking yourself what do I really want to rebuild here, on top of the rubble? 

Taurus – King of Swords  

Speak your truth Taurus, as often as you can. King of Swords tells you to communicate yourself, to cut through the conversations you are having and be in full expression. It is your voice that sets the boundaries, it is your voice that guides you towards your desires, it is your voice that says yes or says no. It is only you who can set these parameters, if you don’t speak up no one else will. Be your biggest champion, speak your truth. Perhaps this feels like the ultimate challenge, start small, speak your truth amongst those who care the most about you, who you feel safest around, or perhaps its a neutral party like a psychologist, a therapist – where you might be able to share your story. Or even speaking to yourself out loud can feel like a salve, let your voice be heard, if only by yourself in the shower. Sing, chant, scream, talk, hum. Make yourself heard. 

Gemini – The Hermit

Gemini you are being asked to come back to yourself, to the now, to the silence. If there have been lots of distractions, if there have been heightened anxieties now is the time to come back to your light. The Hermit lives up in the mountains, and carries a small lantern which only lets it see 4-5 steps ahead of itself. This should be your only focus this cycle the 4 steps ahead, the now, this very moment. Ask yourself what tools bring you back into the now – do them often this lunar cycle. Breathe, walk, draw, sing, dance, call a friend, read a book, take a bath, run. These are all suggestions, but ultimately you know what makes you feel like you can touch in to the light that is you, what makes you feel like you can reach out and grab your awareness, what makes you settle back into your bones and flesh, your vessel of the body. This is your sole focus, to be in the now. 

Cancer – King of Wands (Reversed)  

A creative fire builds within you, you are embracing every pull that is calling you, you are running towards your goals. You can feel it, or perhaps you are already living it, breathing it. You might feel like you’ve made it. Notice where you are pushing yourself too much to squeeze your creative juices, notice where you are burning the candles at both ends. A truth has been ignited in you, but it does not all need to happen today or tomorrow, can you give yourself a little space to take in what is happening around you, to actual feel the warmth, to feel the elation of the moment. Don’t be swept away in the doing, don’t be swept away in the achievement, be swept away in your pride, in your honouring of this moment. Be proud of yourself for making it, look back at your past selves and thank them for getting you here. 

Leo – The Fool 

Gorgeous Leo, here you are on the edge of newness. You are about to jump, you feel the energy of vitality of impulse under your feet. Now is the time, to jump, to trust that you will land, to propel yourself into the next phase, version, iteration of who you are, who you are meant to be. This cycle, with the fool by your side you jump, you take a leap of trust on yourself and you do the thing that feels a little foolish to others, but that feels like there is no other possible way to you. Jump into this new expression Leo, for ahead of you awaits the possibility of new paths, new learnings a new life. Trust in your pulls this season, and follow them – let your intuition pull you where you need to go next.