Fall Into Your Truth

An intimate space is created in each of my sessions. 

My modalities merge and lean into each other, depending on your needs and goals  ~ I meet you in the moment. 

I support you in navigating your energy with tenderness, respect and kindness.

 I encourage and empower you with tools you can use in your everyday for future support. 

Walk away feeling a sense of reverence, presence and a deep connection to your intuition.

Offer yourself support with Tarot as your tool, and me (Agatha) as your guide. Energetic Tarot offers you a moment to shine a light on what you might not be able to see in the here and now of a situation, a choice, a next step.

It can offer you a big sigh of relief, perspective and overall comfort.

 I offer 3 types of readings: 

🌞 VOICE 10 – Bite size voice memo 3 card reading. 

🌞 GUIDED 30 – 30 min – online zoom reading. 

🌞 SPACIOUS 60 – 60 min – online zoom reading ~ with grounding and integration meditation & notes of your session. 

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Timeline Jumping is a modality used to transform into, to remember, to discover ~ the next iteration of yourself. 

These sessions are powerful containers that dive you into the body, move you through space into ~the void~ The space of endless possibility. 

I guide you from 40-60 mins through the experience, we move energetic blocks (with Reiki & intention) + dive into pure potential, where you meet this next version of you. 

You always choose your timeline. You always decide where your next jump leads you. 

I act to guide, to encourage, to move the energy with true purpose and compassion. 

Each session comes with a detailed email of your journey, and how to move forward into your new timeline. 

This is for you if:  you’re feeling stuck, you need a change in your life, you find yourself unsure of your purpose, you are moving through grief, you need support to see your potential. 

Want to dive deeper? Here’s an FAQ  

Gift the gift of guidance. 

Find a perfect energetic bouquet for a friend or loved one. 

 Or send a small hint if you have been wanting to connect through Tarot or Timeline Jumping. 

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