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Private Presence Rituals

Thank you for ordering the Presence Ritual Kit. 

Below you will find two tools to add to your kit – a meditation & playlist to aid you in finding moments of presence. 


Agatha x 

Presence Meditation:

Sourced from Yogapedia 

Allow yourself 10-15 mins for this meditation practice. To the left you will see Vishnu Mudra for the Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) Pranayama  I guide you through. 

You might want to prep a cup of Presence Tea and to have your Presence oil on hand for this practice. 

Private Presence Playlist:

Use this playlist to integrate into your practice. Either playing alongside the above meditation or while you take practice any of the other rituals shared with you in the kit. Use the sense of sound to help ground you into your body and find Presence with yourself.