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Large Eclipse – Altar Offering

Large Eclipse – Altar Offering


Hand-painted by Artisan Celia of Cerámica San Germán in Mexico.

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These Eclipses have been handmade, hand-painted and handcrafted in Mexico by Artisans from Cerámica San Germán. These beauties can be used to decorate the home, to offer up to your altar, or as a sweet gift to a friend. Varieties  There are two colours available
  • Rosa, Blue & Earth tone details
  • Green, Blue & Earth tone details
Each Eclipse is approx 13.5cm wides, and comes with a wire in the back for hanging. It’s natural for each piece to have variations in the details, shapes, colours and textures, as each piece is handcrafted and unique. About Ceramica San Germán  San Germán is a family-owned workshop with 37-years of ceramic tradition, based in Ciudad De Mexico. The family originally from Tonalá, Jalisco, has embraced the traditional Tonala style artwork through their pieces and this can be seen through the colours, and the designs of traditional Mexican art such as suns, moons, animals, flowers and cacti. They create everything from start to finish, mixing their own colours in an artisanal way, using minerals that create beautiful colours when fired and finished. All their pieces are made without toxins or leads, are microwave & dishwasher safe and can also be placed outdoors, without the integrity of the piece being lost.

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