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Spearmint Eye Pillow

Spearmint Eye Pillow


The Spearmint Eye pillow is handmade with 100% cotton, the sun is hand-stitched by Angelica making each pillow unique and individual.

It’s a beautiful addition to your day if you often experience cranial or neck tension. Spearmint can be a beautiful herbal ally for migraines, and with the added practice of blocking out light, it can be a lovely way to fall deeply back into your body and breath.

As you place the pillow over the eyes, notice the sense of smell activated with Spearmint perfuming your practice and the body easing back into its natural rhythms.

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* Handmade & handstitched by Angelica (Agatha’s Mum) each pillow is unique. * Filled with Organic Barley & Spearmint Leaves * Handwashable pillowcase over the pillow. * Note: As the products are made in small quantities the colours may vary slightly based on fabric availability  

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