An 8-week container of change, of holding, of remembering. 


Be guided by Agatha with contemplative practices of Tarot, Timeline Jumping, Reiki, Yoga & writing.

If you’re here contemplating, lusting and desiring change –  whether it be in your business, in your creativity, in your relationships or this precious life – this is a sacred space to listen together. 
A space to find clarity on how to move forward, how to shake the stickiness, how to shift your energy, and how to listen to the answers you hold within. 
This is a space to touch in with the spirit of yourself, and propel yourself forward in an intentional, considered way towards the next leap. 
Spirited is an 8 week container created to meet you where you are in this moment, and lead you towards spirited connection with yourself. 

I’m Agatha an Intuitive guide with a background in energetics, a love for creativity, connection and a passion for living a soulful life.

 I’m a Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher & offer other practices like Timeline Jumping, contemplative creative tools rooted in Trauma Informed practices and Non-Violent Communication theory. 
These are the sacred tools that we will use in our time together to listen deeply, to call forth your clarity, and to honour what is next. 
This is a space where you will be heard, guided, supported and celebrated – for every part of you that shows up. 

What is a Spirit Session?

Simply put it is one on one time with me. 

We connect using different practices such as Tarot, Timeline Jumping and other contemplative practices. 

They range from 60-90 mins, they are a soft landing for your spirit, and offer you a space to fall towards trust and truth. 


The 8-weeks

Walk away with

This is right for you if

  • 4 x Spirit Sessions 
  • Voice note access with Agatha for 8 weeks (replying between Mon-Fri). 
  • Notes & Guidance via email from our Spirit Sessions ~ with reflections and supports tailored to the energy you find yourself in.  
  • Time for integration, reflection & practice.
  • Tailored Personal Practice ~ meeting you in the moment with a tailored practice – this can range from yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing), Reiki, Restorative or writing practices. I am guided by our prior sessions to guide and hold this time for you. 
  • Weekly check ins ~ you will receive a weekly voice note from me at the start of your week to check in on your practice, process, spirit.
Week 1: Intention & Arrival – Talk & Tarot (90 Mins) ~ Spirit Session 1 ~
Receive – Email with Intention & Tarot reflections. 
+ voice note access
Week 2: Solo Discovery from session 1+ voice note access
Week 3: Leaping with a Timeline Jump (60 mins) ~ Spirit Session 2 ~
Receive – Email with Timeline Jumping notes – space for contemplative practices. 
+ voice note access 
Week 4: Integration Week of Jump + voice note access
Week 5: Tailored Personal Practice – (60 mins) ~ Spirit Session 3 ~
Receive – Email with your practice for the next few weeks + additional support. 
+ voice note access
Week 6: Solo Practice of your Tailored Practice + voice note access 
Week 7: : Solo Practice of your Tailored Practice  + voice note access
Week 8: Closing & Reflecting (60 mins) ~ Spirit Session 4 ~
Final email to guide you beyond our time together.
+ voice note access 
  • A deep sense of your anchors, your next iteration, your goals, your next steps. 
  • Feeling a deep notion of your spirit and its desires. 
  • A sense of connection.
  • Practices that you can lean on for a lifetime.
  • Clear guidance, that you know has come from within. 
  • You are craving working one on one with someone for an extended period of time. 
  • You are committed to shifting your energetic state with the tools and guidance we discover together. 
  • You are seeking a change in your life, relationships, work. 
  • You are feeling stuck and are desiring support to shift out of your state. 
  • You are feeling the call towards evolution. 
  • You know there is something larger within you, but you can’t see the way. 

If all of this sounds like a juicy delight -

THIS is the moment for you to
meet your most spirited self.




Payment plans are available and encouraged if this makes the work more accessible and freeing. 

Find your
Spirit & Truth

Dive In


If this feels oh so right! 

 I’d love if you could fill in the form below. 

I’ll be in touch from here with the details, payment options and some potential start dates. 

Please note there are very limited spaces, because dedicating my energy to our container is of the utmost importance. 

If my diary is full, I’ll let you know and be in touch as soon as things open again. 

I’m so excited to meet and evolve with you, as we dive through this work together.