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What is Tarot?

Tarot uses 78 cards that are split into Major Arcana, Minor Arcana and Suits. 

Tarot cards move through archetypes that exist in the world, and showcase the energy of the moment through the cards that appear. 

What is your reading style? 

My Tarot practice and sessions are all focused on bringing attention and presence to the energies that exist in the now. I don’t read the future, I navigate the energies of the here and now, and offer different perspectives on how to move forward. 

I believe the cards are all here to guide us through this life, and that they can help us be more gracious, tender and authentic as we walk our paths.

I am a reader who gets straight into the details, I like to keep things light and conversational. 

I often get intuitive pulls, downloads which I will share with my clients, I may incorporate a different oracle deck if I feel called or may go into metaphors or stories to bring the points that are needing to be brought across. 

I always try to present the messages that come through in a way that is transformative yet tender to the experiences you are navigating through. 

Each session is catered to you and the moment that you find yourself moving through. 

What is your experience with Tarot? 

Over the last 6 years I have used the power of Tarot in my own healing and my daily practices. My regular interaction with Tarot is a daily pull for myself – I’m always in awe of the cards that show up and transform and illuminate my day. 

I’ve studied with Lindsay Mack, in her Tarot for the Wild Soul offering, as well as Nicole Mayefske Group Tarot Mentoring, and am an avid fan of Sarah Faith Gottesdiener’s work, podcast and books. 

I have been reading for people for the last 2 years and have loved every interaction the cards have thrown my way. 

I prefer face to face. Do you only offer online readings?

At present online readings is where I am being called to focus my energy on. I love that I can connect with people all over the world. I also find the online container, potent and powerful to share the messages that come through. 

Each spacious 60 reading also receives a follow up email with photos of the cards & key takeaways we have discussed. 

 How can I book?

I offer a variety of session types to accomodate those who are needing different tiers and entry points for their readings, I believe that these practices should be made available to all that are being called. 

I also have a seasonal Tarot offering “In Season” which is a mailed out reading. Each season you get 2 actual Tarot/Oracle cards, a reading and a guide on how to move through the seasonal connections of the moon and the energetic shifts. 

I hope to connect with you x