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Timeline Jumping is a modality, used to transform. To meet the most vibrant version of yourself.

It is a quick way to shift your energetic vibration, your energetic path that you find yourself on and release old patterns, beliefs, and essentially transform the way you move through life.

How does it work? 

We navigate together through your energetic body, placing attention on your energetic state and interrupting the trajectory it is currently on. 

We move your current reality, into a space where it is held by nothing and everything. The Void. 

The Void is a space where you can press pause, and truly see where your next trajectory is waiting, what the next version of yourself is, and where your next timeline is waiting to take you. 

From here we jump and merge into a new version of you. 

I use my trauma informed, Yogic and Reiki training to guide and invite you through this space, in a way that is delicate and tender to what comes up, we move together with breath, movement, visualisation and guided care for what is. 

Would these sessions suit me?

If you are wanting to step into a new phase of your life, if you are feeling stagnant, if you are feeling called to change. This is a practice and modality that will lift your spirits and move you forward towards this change. 

I also love jumping, when I don’t know what is next. When I know I want something to move or shift, when things aren’t necessarily “bad” but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  

This practice lets you dive deep into your subconscious and speak to your highest self on what the next move is, what is the next iteration of you!  

The shifts can be subtle or they can be large, we move through it all in complete awe of what awaits you next. 

How long does a session take? 

Allow around 60 mins for your session. 

We navigate together and I guide you, each jump is completely catered to your experience so sessions can run from 30 – 60 mins depending on where you find yourself in space and time. 

How soon will I see the shift?

The beauty of this work is that it is fast acting. After we finish our session, you will be on your new timeline trajectory. 

There will also be a follow up email and check in that allows for integration over the days that follow, but you should start to settle into this new version of yourself over the 7 days that follow our session. 

Do I need to do anything? 

You will need to show up with a willingness to the process, acknowledging what you see in the moment, and being open to be lead through the void and into your new timeline. I always say the work is 50/50 – with an equal exchange from practitioner and participant. 

 There will also be a follow up email and check in that allows for integration over the days that follow – which may include a small meditation, journaling prompts, or guidance for integration into your new timeline. 

What is your experience? 

I’ve trained with the wonderful Pea The Feary who advocates for transformation being fast acting when you are lead and guided in this way. 

You can read more about my work and experience here. 

This work that has been quite transformational in my own mindset, habits and outlook on life and am so thrilled to be sharing this modality with you all. 

 How can I book?

I would of course be honoured to guide you through a Timeline Jump, you can book in for a session through the link below or on my 1:1 sessions page.